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Astrologer Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma is a well known gold medalist astrologer, have been knowledge of astrology for many years along with having experience of provides a favorable consequence to each and every people. They have knowledge of various fields of astrology such like Palm reading, Numerology, Horoscope reading, gemstones and many more. Astrologer Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma has excelled in various fields of astrology, such as Marriage-related issues, love and love marriage, financial issues, Business issues, career, childless or child future, protection from evil spirit and much more.

He started Vedic Astrology and vastu research institute in 2009 where numerous courses are available such as Astrology, Vastu, Red Book, Numerology, Palmistry,Face reading,Mantra for good luck.Every year 100 to 150 students learn about astrology from Vedic Astrology and vastu research institute.

Innumerable people are connected to him; taking benefit of his powerful of astrological tactics, along with, the client is growing day by day. He provides services to people with allegiance and dedication, because of only, he want to see all people happy and obstacles liberated. For this reason, God's blessing on him, cause of that, his services is spreading in the whole world like a wind. If you ever go through any complication and obstacles where you feel compulsion, find yourself alone in a whirlwind of obstacles then give a chance to serve to him at once, thereafter feel changes in yourself.